Alibaba shows something that they will serve for public

The cloud business unit of Chinese marketplace Alibaba Group Holdings, launching a new NFT solution

Unfortunately, it suddenly disappear from all mention of its name in online platform

The firm’s NFT marketplace solution including;

Web hosting, digital marketing & content delivery infrastructure,

But is no longer shows on its website

Despite still showing up in Google search results.

According to the deleted Twitter post

They announcing the launch on June 8,

Sadly, there are also no press releases or announcements related to the NFT solution

On Alibaba’s website anymore

Even though the solution’s webpage link still shows up in Google search results,

It now redirects to Alibaba Cloud’s solution index page.

There is no specific reasons of why the information is deleted

As we all know that crypto trading and mining are ban in China,

There is a regulatory fuzzy area with NFTs in the country

Officials frown upon it but are yet to issue an outright ban.

The shortly lived NFT focused solution was set to offer Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

And Auto Scaling for marketplace growth,

Moreover, it also for an SMS-integrated digital marketing service for sellers to connect with buyers,

And a Global Delivery Service – Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Also Server Load Balancer (SLB) capable of supporting 100,000 queries per second.

Sad to say, there still no details information about why is that happens.