An American financial advisory company that provides robo-advising and cash management services, Betterment, enters crypto space.

Amidst the uncertainty of the cryptocurrencies situation, Betterment decided to join as the part of crypto space.

This news make people questioning why is that happen this time?

Sarah Levy the CEO of Betterment explains the reason of joining crypto at this moment in CNBC Television interview.

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She said that crypto seems like long-life investment. Even though this time may not really right time to enter the space.

Betterment have discuss this decision with the customers and also to the perspective investor.

The result of the discussion shows that customers want to be a participant in this assets class.

Sarah Levy added that it may be such a new thing for Betterment, but they will bring the fit traditional way investing system that previously applied in Betterment.

For everyone who think that Betterment cannot be separated with the long-term retail investment, you may exactly right.

The Betterment CEO mention that “there was an opportunity to bring that same long-term perspective, diversification importantly guidance which is that both our customers and perspective customers are really looking for.”

To make a change in these few times seems a bit hard for Betterment.

They have a different type of customers that may not really ready for the change of investment system like crypto.

Even so, Sarah Levy give a respond to that perspective.

She said, it may be a new system, but Betterment already run in investing world before.

It is just a bit change from traditional into a digital system, but it still has the same long-term horizon.

So, Betterment can handle this thing.

Betterment also guarantee the security system that they have to all customers and perspective customers.