Blockchain startups building for the Web3 economy

And now, it attracts billions of dollars in venture capital funding this year alone.

As we know, nowadays, web3 become the popular topic in social

They not only follow the topic, but also ‘fall’ into the web3 activities

Web3 has become a sort of buzzword in the cryptocurrency community,

And Gavin Wood the founder of Polkadot (DOT) has another perspective

He said that its application and utility extend far beyond the world of blockchain.

He also added that;

“I don’t think Web3 needs to evolve, really, from its origins too much yet but maybe in the future, it will,”

“The key takeaway is the freedom from the need to trust. I don’t want to hope or have blind faith that the service I’m using is operating correctly or dealing with my data correctly and not being hacked.”

Wood also think that web3 has some advantages for the users

Some people may not ready yet to facing the development of technology,

But we need to realize that web3 is now stand in front of us

Wood points out that;

“The rise of the term Web3 is encouraging because it means that people are seeing this underlying technology feed into different applications — the ones they didn’t necessarily expect […] It’s no longer about Bitcoin, it’s no longer about crypto, it’s no longer about smart contracts just, it’s no longer about DeFi. It’s like we are starting to understand that this is a broad platform for building new kinds of services [that] Web2 just couldn’t.”

So, what else will coming from web 3?

Is there anything else that shock us?