Brazil’s Judges Receive Crypto ‘Training,’

Brazilian federal judges receiving training on crypto-related matters

In an attempt to prepare the judiciary for an increase in crypto-related court cases.

At a meeting of federal judges held last week,

That arranged by the nation’s justice ministry,

Judges and magistrates give a command to pay more attention to crypto market-related offenses

And also an increase in crypto-related crime.

The ministry explains to the judges to pay heed to the fact that Brazil’s crypto trading volumes have soared in recent years.

Ten million Brazilians are thought to own crypto assets, per some estimates.

As everyone knows that crypto success attract people’s attention

Not only the entrepreneur, but also other people

Who has no idea about what coin is that before

So that Brazil’s citizen

Moreover, crypto landscape may will growth continuously

Therefore, the court should be flexible to fit with the condition

And the judicial rulings which can have legal precedent, are key.

In an official Federal Justice Council (CJF) release,

The head of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the CJF, the STJ President Humberto Martins

Quoted as stating that “globalization”

And the technological proficiency of organized criminals were leading to a spike in crypto-related crime.

As the crypto existence grow, the crime of its coin also will increase

Therefore, the government asked to go deep into anything that related to crypto