These days, scam increasing as many aspects grow in social media

A lot of people tricked by scammers

A moment ago, Elon Musk come to TED Talk

Then, the scammers used this moment to tricked many people

By using the Elon’s video to gain more attention

In fact, the original video shared on Twitter

The video in question was a deepfake of Musk purportedly promoting a cryptocurrency platform

Boasting 30% returns on crypto deposits.

Scammers made use of original footage from a TED Talk featuring Musk and curator Chris Anderson at a TED conference in Vancouver in April this year.

The tweet and video of scam caught the attention of Musk himself,

Who’s been increasingly active since his move to acquire the social media platform for an estimated $44 billion.

Furthermore, the Tesla CEO and SpaceEx founder replied to the video in his signature comical style:

Musk’s global renown as a technology pioneer has made him a choice target for scammers looking to take advantage of unwitting social media users and investors.

The not-so-tech-savvy users are at risk of being duped by scams promoting unrealistic returns on investment.

Cryptocurrency scams of this nature were rife in 2020 and 2021,

With the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) releasing a report that estimated

That over $80 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen from unsuspecting victims over a six month period.

So, be careful with anything that you see on the social media

You need to filter any information to avoid unwanted things