Everstake through their CEO claims that they have preparations for a “special fund”

In order to tide the firm over in the event of a bear market.

Even though the situation seems like showing not good enough opportunity,

But Sergey Vasylchuk, the chief executive officer still optimist with anything that Everstake doing

The Ukraine-based blockchain firm said that;

The company will continue to hire crypto professionals amid a market downturn and ongoing conflict in the country.

Vasylchuk said Everstake hired 30 people since the Russian war against Ukraine

Which started in February, and the firm still had more than 10 positions in marketing and development to fill.

Vasylchuk said;

“An important part of doing business is assessing and addressing all potential risks,” “We couldn’t help but expect another market crash simply because risk management dictates that one must always expect things to go south.”

The Everstake CEO hinted that part of this preparation was due to the possibility Russian forces will invade Ukraine.

Vasylchuk also said that it is similar precautions taken in the event of a market downturn

And its allowed the firm to avoid letting employees go

“though I must admit we underestimated the risks of Terra,” he added — and turn the crisis into an opportunity.

And he shows the hopes of the market to back on track.