A new concept for your crypto asset!

As the decentralized finance or De-Fi industry spawns more ways to make a “crypto will”,

The concept of cryptocurrency inheritance continues to rapidly evolve

The Israeli crypto software provider Kirobo, is moving to tackle a major void in the De-Fi industry

By providing crypto investors with an two opportunities to pass; private keys or transfer funds according to their last will.

Kiribo is different with the usual inheritance system

Some things that you need in the usual inheritance is not needed in Kiribo

For instance, Kirobo’s new inheritance solution allows users to generate and execute an automated last will

But, you don’t need lawyers, government authorities or any other centralized entity to do that

It seems simpler that the usual inheritance.

Kiribo’s inheritance also serves the feature on its decentralized crypto wallet Liquid Vault,

It allowing users to designate crypto wallets to inherit their funds.

When you use this new solution, you can simply choose maximum 8 receiver of your inheritance

Then, decide the date or time that they can receive

The system will automatically generate and execute the amount of your inheritance for the receiver

Liquid Vault’s new inheritance mechanism is based on Kirobo’s unique “future conditional transactions” technology,

It is similar to the wallet’s backup feature.

The tool allows users to create future transactions or get a secondary access point to crypto based on various conditions.