A moment ago, Qredo announce about the acceptance of their company.

Qredo announce that The Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador approve their registration

The registration is about offering the official crypto services, especially bitcoin

Certainly, as how the regulation in the country

Then, they receive the authority to save, serves, processing the payment and run all the function of the digital asset

On their social media account, Qredo shares their happiness;


#ElSalvador‘s Central Bank has approved Qredo to offer a range of Bitcoin services

Qredo is the country’s only #dMPC custody provider

Such an important step in the wider adoption of Qredo infrastructure by local institutions”

As the crypto services provider, Qredo explains that they hope they can work as how the regulation set in the country

They will obey the local and international rules that manage the digital asset.

Moreover, they will also build the trusted management to avoid the risk.

The Qredo’s CEO, Anthony Foy points out that;

“The BCR decision to expand the Qredo opportunity in El Salvador and strengthen our existence in Latin America which we think have a great potential to the digital asset growth”  

In other words, we all know that El Salvador is one of the country that really open for the crypto thing

We also know how the Salvador President, Nayib Bukele promotes the crypto activity continuously

All the things that related to the cryptocurrency will always get his attention.

For example;

  • Bitcoin City which get the obligation’s support as much $1 Million
  • Crypto mining which used the geothermal energy from volcanoes
  • Always disclose the major purchases publicly

Therefore, it may be a good decision to expand Qredo’s existence in El Salvador.

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