MoneyGram comes to help you.

These last few years, several corporations try to take cryptocurrencies as the part of them.

It is because cryptocurrencies’ growth massively and have positive responds from public

Therefore, the companies seeing a good opportunity

By take cryptocurrencies as their part, they will get the benefit

It such the win-win solution both for public and company

But, some company won’t take any risks

So that they try to find a way to get the benefit, but minimizing the risks

Seeing that condition, some other companies come up

They come up as the solution

MoneyGram is the latest company that jump on board with this new fintech trend.

Then, MoneyGram International has partnered with the Stellar (XLM) blockchain

In order to create a new service that will let people send stablecoins

And convert them into hard currencies.

MoneyGram’s CEO Alex Holmes, said that the  stablecoins is the beginning to take off as a significant medium for exchange.

Holmes also said;

“The world of crypto and the world of fiat are not really compatible today. We’re trying to be a bridge from the crypto world to the fiat world.”

MoneyGram is working together with the Stellar blockchain to let people use digital wallets on its platform to convert their balances into Circle Internet Financial’s stablecoin.

This will allow anyone later cash out through MoneyGram’s payment processing system.