BitMEX is major cryptocurrency exchange

It aims to increase compliance with the European sanctions against Russia

By preparing to enforce major restrictions for its Russian users.

Then now, Russian citizens or residents will no longer be able to access BitMEX services from the European Union

The last date to access is July 11, 2022.

Means, you cannot use BitMEX service after that day.

In order to be compliant with various restrictive measures of the European Union,

BitMEX changing their restricted jurisdictions policy

By sending an email notification for all users,

Moreover, the BitMEX crypto exchange notified a group of potentially effects to the services

The email explains that users will not be able to log into their account

Or even access any services from the European Union,

Unless an there is terms & condition.

The new restrictions do not apply for Russian citizens

Or residents to accessing BitMEX services from the EU,

Who are also residents in the EU or Switzerland.

In the other side, for dual citizens of the EU or Switzerland who reside outside Russia,

Will not be affected by any changes that applies.

The email describes;

“If you are a resident in the EU or Switzerland or a dual citizen of the EU or Switzerland and reside outside Russia, you may submit additional information to apply for an exemption and continue to access our Services from the EU,”