Uniswap: Interface To Helps Ukraine’s Donation

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Uniswap team uncover their plan in order to help Ukraine.

They build the interface to everyone who wants to donate in simply way, just in one click.

This interface made for everyone who holds ERC-20 tokens, but still have desire to donate.

On Tuesday, decentralized exchange Uniswap launched an interface that directly converts ERC-20 tokens.

Such as Aave, Chainlink’s LINK and Decentraland’s MANA — to Ether or ETH.

Then the coins will automatically send to the official crypto wallet addresses of the Ukrainian government.

It is all in only a single transaction, simpler for anyone.

Source: Twitter.com/Uniswap

Moreover, Uniswap claims that the address that share from Ukraine located on a centralized exchange and only accepts Ether and Tether (USDT).

Therefore, the feature simplifies the donation process for anyone who holds ERC-20 tokens on Uniswap’s list then want to donate by connecting their wallet to the DEX.

In a tweet cited by the Uniswap team, some members in the crypto community express concern about the keys to these wallets are held by a centralized Ukrainian exchange.

Other than that, they also ask for more secure custody approach.

Previously, Polkadot’s DOT already give a support to Ukraine.

Gavin Wood the Polkadot’s founder, personally donated $5.8 million in DOT to the newly supported address.

The blockchain community always cover and help Ukraine resist an ongoing war.

Not only donation that Ukraine gets but also other efforts from many sides.

Such as nonfungible tokens drops to support Ukrainian artists and Ukraine DAO have also gained traction these time.