Andrew Levine, CEO of Koinos Group gives his thought about how this industry will be

Koinos Group is a company that has a mission to make a blockchain in every organization

Andrew sees that there are many general purpose of blockchain in crypto industry 2022

There are some consolidations

That obviously will competing with many other such as; Ethereum.

That is in the race to the bottom on fees

We can’t predicts the result

Either win or lose

When Andrew asked about the possibility of new currency and the CBDCs leading, he says;

CBDCs, in the eyes of many, will combine the best of both worlds:

The internet-nativeness of cryptocurrencies and the confidence of state-backed assets

There also 2 other possibilities,

If the world is going to get one currency, then the odds are it will be a state-backed currency (a CBDC).

If the world is going to get many currencies, then people will have many options on the spectrum between permission-less and permissioned.

Andrew also think that government won’t kill the cryptocurrencies

Seeing how this industry growth these times, it seems like a good opportunity

It will gives both public and government advantages

There’s too much tax revenue potential from the cryptocurrencies

And it may be one of the strongest reasons why government won’t kill this industry