The traders asking about when will the Altseason begins

Some traders also put their hope in the Altcoin

They always put an eye to see how the coins growth day by day

Obviously, it’s widely accepted that the fate of the cryptocurrency market depends largely on the performance of Bitcoin (BTC),

Which makes times like these for crypto traders who prefer to invest in altcoins.

Even though BTC is the famous and most used as the digital asset,

Altcoin also has its own target market that always watch the growth.

Then, how can we know when the Altseason begins?

PlanDeFi, the analyst and pseudonymous shares insightful thought to the traders

On his social media account,

He shares the chart comparing the 2016 to 2017 performance of ETH/BTC against the pair’s performance in 2021–2022.

Source: Plan_DeFi twitter account

Based on the projection provided by Plan_DeFi,

The next Altseason could kick off sometime after the start of July

And it has the potential to extend through the end of 2022.

There also another thought come from El_Crypto_Prof, he said;

“When it comes to altcoins, I can see the following scenario playing out. There are just too many similarities with the previous cycle. RSI also looks incredible. The next wave up will leave many behind.”

Contrary to the thought above,

There is a fractals that shows based on the past performance of the index,

It has taken a minimum of two to three months for it to climb from the area indicating that it is Bitcoin season to the altcoin season level.

Current projections, according the the indicator, suggest that an altcoin season might not start until August or September 2022.